Custom Outdoor Cabinets and Furniture


     I started my woodworking apprenticeship when I was 12 years old at my uncles 18,000 sq.ft. historical woodworking shop considered to be the place to go to for architects and historic preservation society.  My family would send me away each summer to stay with him on his boat and work all summer as a helper for third generation French family who previously owned it.  We could do anything out of wood.  When I was not being a smart... I mostly milled wood and repaired furniture for the antique furniture stores.  

     One project I helped mill and laminate was for the Babe Ruth carving that sits in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  We didn't carve it, instead built the 48"x8' tall block of bass wood used to carve it.  After high school I spent a year working there as a wood window maker with various other responsibilities. I then joined the Coast Guard and was sent to Kodiak Alaska on a cutter, where we patrolled the Bering Sea assisting fishing boats and participating in the Valdez oil cleanup.     

     Most people ask the question, "How did you get into the kamado table business?" Well I was directed to it by the bad economy.  I had several request over the years for green egg tables and really didn't look into them since I was busy with interior/exterior cabinets and furniture projects.  My first reaction to the viewing them online was this is an odd grill and why would people want an expensive table around it.  As I researched the grill I couldn't help but notice all the exceptional reviews.  So I took my marine, cabinet and furniture background and starting making non-production "sturdy" tables.  Most of my projects were too homes to people who use the grill several times a week.  From there it just spawned into better designs and materials and methods.  It's a good fit for me since my true passions in life are cooking and woodworking.