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Don't let the good looks fool you. This table is a "legit" power house!

Most of my tables weigh between 130lbs. and 160lbs.; however, don't let the weight fool you.  They are super strong since the frames are pre-drilled, screwed, and glued (using only the best & proper glues).  We took bags of cement (10 units at 80lbs. and 3 at 40lbs.) and placed them where the kamado would go to see what would happen.  There was no creaking sound or anything!  We stopped the test when we ran out of cement and for fear that the bags would fall over on me since they were stacked so high. :)  Casters are only rated to support 440-660lbs so the point is mute after 7 bags of cement.  On our next test we will try to stack 1500lbs worth of cement on the table. My money is that we can hold up to  2000lbs.  Don't try this at home! 

FINAL RESULTS 980lbs. with only .25" sag and no creaking!!!